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More About Integrated Dentistry

Dr. Derrick Johnson and his team at Integrated Dentistry are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of dental care and combined with a gentle touch and the latest techniques and technology.

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  • Get Your Smile Back
  • Get Your Confidence Back
  • Improve Your Health

Is your smile just not what it used to be?

  • Holding back your laughs and smile?
  • One or more teeth missing?
  • Teeth chipped, worn, or discolored?
  • Avoid certain teeth because of pain/sensitivity?
  • Have dental work more than 20 years old?

Do you feel your bad teeth are?

  • Affecting your health?
  • Making you look and feel older?
  • Teeth chipped, worn, or discolored?
  • Preventing you from enjoying the food you love?

From Troubled Teeth to Smiling Again!

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover or smile transformation is a dental treatment plan that addresses all of your functional, health, and cosmetic concerns comprehensively.

Holistic Dentistry

Rather than seeing your oral health as something completely separate from your overall health, holistic dentistry understands that the health of your teeth and gums impacts the rest of your body.

Comprehensive Services

Caring for your teeth is caring for yourself and those you love in a fundamental way. We offer restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry services.

We get it – having dental problems can be tough.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome some massive dental problems, AND…helped them feel comfortable in the process.

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Getting Help from Integrated Dentistry Is Easy:

Here’s the Plan

1. Get your FREE (no pain) consultation

Come in for an absolutely free consultation that includes digital imaging. This is a shame-free no pressure visit.

2. We’ll create a custom plan for you

Dr. Johnson will put together a plan based on your consultation and X-rays. We always deliver this plan in person so you can ask all of your questions.

3. Get your smile back! Get your life back!

A healthy smile delivers more confidence and enjoyment when eating and in social situations.

Integrated Dentistry

Eat, Smile & Connect with Confidence!

At Integrated Dentistry, we know you want to be a confident and outgoing person. In order to do that, your mouth has to be healthy. The problem is, you’ve got some dental problems (maybe some massive problems) and no idea how to get them sorted out. The lack of a plan makes you feel a bit anxious when you think about your teeth. We think that is just plain wrong. We understand what it’s like to need help with your teeth and not have a plan to get it done. This is why we’ve been helping people just like you (hundreds of people) fix their smiles and get back to living happy and healthy lives. Read More

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Transform Your Health, Smile, and Life!

  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Complete Care for Adults and Teens
  • Dental Implants
  • TMJ & Headache Solutions
  • Correct Receding Gums
  • Anxiety-Free Visits
  • IV Sedation Available
  • Enhancing or Rebuilding Smiles
  • Professional Whitening

Read What Our Clients Are Saying…

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We’re hoping that you’ll make the trip to our Bentonville office and discover why so many of your friends and neighbors call Integrated Dentistry – “Their Dental Home.”

"Finally I have the smile I want! The shape of my face improved & my speech improved. This is HUGE for me. Now I love to go out, show off my teeth, & be with people. Your whole life changes when you feel this good!"
Debbie D.

Integrated Dentistry

1101 NE Mc Clain Rd
Bentonville, AR 72712

Conveniently located right off Exit 88 in Bentonville

"I am so glad I chose to have sedation. It was a wonderful experience. I woke up and everything was done and the best part is I DON'T REMEMBER A THING!"
Ann H.