Transforming Smiles in Complex Cases

“We’ve taken this integrative approach and looked at the entire system. When someone has a bad bite, or when the joints and teeth aren’t lining up, it really causes a lot of stress in the system. What we’re doing is taking a high-stress diseased system and building a low-stress system that’s disease‑free.”
‑ Dr. Derrick Johnson

Getting Your Smile Back on Track

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while or have a challenging dental situation, Integrated Dentistry is the place for you. We can help get you back on track, gently and safely, regardless of any negative dental experiences you may have had in the past.

Dr. Johnson is highly trained and focuses on working with you to discuss your options and devise a dental plan that goes at your pace, fits your budget, and helps you reach your unique goals.

Let’s Meet to Answer Your Questions

Many of our patients have the same questions: Can I fix my teeth gradually? Do you need to complete all the work at once? How do I pay for my dental work over time? Can you really solve my dental problems and get me healthy? We’ll work with you from start to finish, and you’ll discover why so many of your neighbors love their smiles and life after their restorations are completed with Dr. Derrick Johnson and Integrated Dentistry.

Existing patients call: (479) 250-4473

Take Their Word For It

“I was looking for a dentist. I probably hadn’t been to one in probably 40 years. I was having problems with my teeth, and I got full upper and lower implants. I got my confidence back, my smile back, and I’m able to enjoy food a lot more than I ever could in the past.
‑ Gerald

Gerald’s Transformation

Learn how Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Gerald regain his life and health

Gerald had been neglecting his teeth for years, and the whole mouth and jaw system was breaking down. Look at his before photo and consider his perceived age, his skin, eyes, and smile.

Now look at his after photo. In about nine months, we’ve corrected his jaw and teeth, and how that all works together. This not only gives a great appearance, but lessens discomfort and tension, and creates a relaxed harmonious system. In addition to being able to eat what he wants again, he’s confident, his perceived age is lower, his total appearance has changed and he feels great!

Discover Dental Implants

Existing patients call: (479) 250-4473

“The comparison to where I was with my teeth, opposed to where I am today is astronomical. The day I walked in the door, everyone was so friendly and made me so comfortable. I wake up in the morning and when I brush my teeth, I just smile! It feels so good and looks so good.“
‑ Becky

Becky’s New Smile

Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Becky regain her beautiful youthful smile

A lot of people are in the situation where they have systemic problems with their jaws, teeth, and there’s tension from their jaw joints and teeth not aligning. With Becky’s smile restored and jaw aligned properly, she feels and looks amazing.

We’ve taken a high-stress, diseased system and realigned it. We’ve removed any disease that was present, and created a low-stress system where the jaw, teeth, and bite are harmonious.

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