Replace Missing Teeth with Implant-Supported Dentures

“By far, the best options in replacing teeth involve dental implants. When you lose your teeth and we install dentures, nothing is holding them in. With implants, the result is so much better. The teeth are fixed, and the implants prevent bone loss associated with traditional dentures.”
‑ Dr. Derrick Johnson

Look Years Younger with a 
Full‑Mouth Reconstruction

If you wear traditional dentures or have a mouthful of missing or failing teeth, implant dentures are an amazing way to restore your smile and restore your confidence!

Traditional dentures are not attached to anything and can get dislodged during chewing, sports activities and other life activities like talking or laughing. Dentures attached to four or more implants greatly improve your chewing ability, give support to the cheeks and lips making you look years younger, and prevent bone loss than can permanently alter your appearance. So start enjoying life, don’t delay, and call us today!

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Carolee Put off Getting Her Smile, But She Loves her New Teeth

“I know people are going to notice my teeth. I’m excited that I will feel comfortable smiling again. People want to live smiling.” ‑ Carolee

Chari was Afraid of the Dentist and Now She Loves Talking with People

“My husband and I met with Dr. Johnson and he walked through what he was going to do. It was more affordable than I expected. The shots in my mouth were a big concern, and the experience was amazing with virtually no pain at all. It’s made a difference in my face, and how I feel about myself.” ‑ Chari

Judy had Dry Mouth and Replaced her Teeth with Fixed Dentures

“With implants, it’d be the closest thing to having my own teeth again. I just look at myself and like to smile now. I can chew and eat what I want to. It’s been great, and look forward to many years of smiling and enjoying my teeth.” ‑ Judy

Dr. Johnson Fixed all of My Problems, and Made Me Look a lot Better

“The low-lying sinus cavity wasn’t a problem for Dr. Johnson and everyone helped me feel at ease. My lower front teeth were chipped and not the color I wanted. Now I’m so proud of my smile.” ‑ Joan