Why are Zirconia® Bridges the Best Choice for Full Arch Replacement?

“If I could sum up this whole experience in one sentence, I would say don’t waste time not getting done what needs to be done. Your whole future changes when you feel good. Mine did!”
‑ Debbie

Debbie’s New Smile

Learn how Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Debbie restore her smile, her speech, and her life

When she came and met Dr. Johnson, she felt so comfortable and made an appointment and in just a few months, she can’t believe how her life has changed. She used to hide, and now she feels like going out!

Her speech is so much better. She says she used to not be able to even say her name, but now, after only a few days of her restoration, she’s talking, smiling, laughing and enjoying life. Her advice would be to not wait, and get done “what needs to be done”. Call us today if you have a concern about your dental health, have pain, or want to restore your smile.

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Zirconia® Permanent Bridges Transformed Gerald’s Life and Smile

“I was looking for a dentist. I probably hadn’t been to one in probably 40 years. I was having problems with my teeth, and I got full upper and lower implants. I got my confidence back, my smile back, and I’m able to enjoy food a lot more than I ever could in the past.
‑ Gerald

Gerald’s Transformation

Learn how Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Gerald regain his life and health

Gerald had been neglecting his teeth for years, and the whole mouth and jaw system was breaking down. Look at his before photo and consider his perceived age, his skin, eyes, and smile.

Now look at his after photo. In about nine months, we’ve corrected his jaw and teeth, and how that all works together. This not only gives a great appearance, but lessens discomfort and tension, and creates a relaxed harmonious system. In addition to being able to eat what he wants again, he’s confident, his perceived age is lower, his total appearance has changed and he feels great!

Chari was Afraid of the Dentist and Now She Loves Talking with People

“My husband and I met with Dr. Johnson and he walked through what he was going to do. It was more affordable than I expected. The shots in my mouth were a big concern, and the experience was amazing with virtually no pain at all. It’s made a difference in my face, and how I feel about myself.” ‑ Chari

Judy had Dry Mouth and Replaced her Teeth with Fixed Dentures

“With implants, it’d be the closest thing to having my own teeth again. I just look at myself and like to smile now. I can chew and eat what I want to. It’s been great, and look forward to many years of smiling and enjoying my teeth.” ‑ Judy