Take Their Word For It

“I was looking for a dentist. I probably hadn’t been to one in probably 40 years. I was having problems with my teeth, and I got full upper and lower implants. I got my confidence back, my smile back, and I’m able to enjoy food a lot more than I ever could in the past.
‑ Gerald

Gerald’s Transformation

Learn how Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Gerald regain his life and health

Gerald had been neglecting his teeth for years, and the whole mouth and jaw system was breaking down. Look at his before photo and consider his perceived age, his skin, eyes, and smile.

Now look at his after photo. In about nine months, we’ve corrected his jaw and teeth, and how that all works together. This not only gives a great appearance, but lessens discomfort and tension, and creates a relaxed harmonious system. In addition to being able to eat what he wants again, he’s confident, his perceived age is lower, his total appearance has changed and he feels great!

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“The comparison to where I was with my teeth, opposed to where I am today is astronomical. The day I walked in the door, everyone was so friendly and made me so comfortable. I wake up in the morning and when I brush my teeth, I just smile! It feels so good and looks so good.”
‑ Becky

Becky’s New Smile

Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Becky regain her beautiful youthful smile

A lot of people are in the situation where they have systemic problems with their jaws, teeth, and there’s tension from their jaw joints and teeth not aligning. With Becky’s smile restored and jaw aligned properly, she feels and looks amazing.

We’ve taken a high-stress, diseased system and realigned it. We’ve removed any disease that was present, and created a low-stress system where the jaw, teeth, and bite are harmonious.

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Sue Used to have TMJ

“I went through migraines, headaches, earaches… I had it all. My experience here was wonderful, and my daily life has no headaches! Now I don’t hurt at all.”
‑ Sue

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Don’t hide your smile, restore it!

“If I could sum up this whole experience in one sentence, I would say don’t waste time not getting done what needs to be done. Your whole future changes when you feel good. Mine did!
‑ Debbie

Debbie’s New Smile

Learn how Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Debbie restore her smile, her speech, and her life

When she came and met Dr. Johnson, she felt so comfortable and made an appointment and in just a few months, she can’t believe how her life has changed. She used to hide, and now she feels like going out!

Her speech is so much better. She says she used to not be able to even say her name, but now, after only a few days of her restoration, she’s talking, smiling, laughing and enjoying life. Her advice would be to not wait, and get done “what needs to be done”. Call us today if you have a concern about your dental health, have pain, or want to restore your smile.

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“My experience was not like any dentistry experience I’ve had. The mockups and the work on the front end, so I felt safe in his hands. I came in with some failed root canals, but found out my true problem was my bite. I have so much more confidence.”
‑ Laura

Laura’s Confident Again

Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Laura correct her bite and restored her confidence

Laura came into see Dr. Johnson because she had some root canals that needed to be dealt with and through the initial process she found out that the root of many of her dental problems was because of some tension due to a poor bite.

With the use of implants and veneers, her bite was corrected and the high stress system of her bite became a low-stress system that will give her increased dental health. If she was given a choice to do it all over again, she said she’d do it again.

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Patient Testimonials

“I had TMJ when I was 30. He explained everything he could do and how it would help. I thought about it and saw how much experience Dr. Johnson had and decided with him.”
‑ Sue

Eric Struggled with Missing Teeth and Feels Normal Again

“I lost my two front teeth when I was ten years old, and my whole life I haven’t had the use of my two front teeth. The staff is second to none. I’m so glad I’ve gotten the result that we did. The implants just feel like a part of my body.” ‑ Eric

Carolee Put off Getting Her Smile, But She Loves her New Teeth

“I know people are going to notice my teeth. I’m excited that I will feel comfortable smiling again. People want to live smiling.” ‑ Carolee

Chari was Afraid of the Dentist and Now She Loves Talking with People

“My husband and I met with Dr. Johnson and he walked through what he was going to do. It was more affordable than I expected. The shots in my mouth were a big concern, and the experience was amazing with virtually no pain at all. It’s made a difference in my face, and how I feel about myself.” ‑ Chari

Judy had Dry Mouth and Replaced her Teeth with Fixed Dentures

“With implants, it’d be the closest thing to having my own teeth again. I just look at myself and like to smile now. I can chew and eat what I want to. It’s been great, and look forward to many years of smiling and enjoying my teeth.” ‑ Judy

Patty Felt Her Two Front Teeth Were Always a Problem

“I’ve had a girl ask if I’d had a facelift since I had my teeth done. Your teeth will make you look younger. I’ve had people say you have a beautiful smile.” ‑ Patty

Dr. Johnson Fixed all of My Problems, and Made Me Look a lot Better

“The low-lying sinus cavity wasn’t a problem for Dr. Johnson and everyone helped me feel at ease. My lower front teeth were chipped and not the color I wanted. Now I’m so proud of my smile.” ‑ Joan

Betty was self-conscious about her smile and hated going to the dentist

“I was self-conscious about my teeth and didn’t like to smile. I just feel a lot more comfortable about meeting people because I don’t have to worry about my teeth. Even with hours in the chair, it was fine… no problem at all. This dental office is the most efficiently-run office I’ve ever seen. So calm and relaxing.” ‑ Betty

Edith is Over the Moon Ecstatic About the Results

“I used to have to smile with my mouth closed, and now I have a big-grin smile. Dr. Johnson and his staff, Noelle, Austin, everybody is amazing here. I was scared at the beginning, but all I took was a phone call and consultation to get started.” ‑ Edith

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Many Amazing Transformations

“My confidence before was sub-zero, and now it’s a TEN! I’m not afraid to smile now whereas before I’d hold my hand in front of my face. I don’t mind going places and meeting people, and talking with them, and I’m not self‑conscious anymore.”
‑ Janet

Actual patient Carol


Actual patient Bryan


Actual patient Cathy


Actual patient Cecilya


Actual patient Donna


Actual patient Jack


Actual patient Eddie


Actual patient Billie


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“My husband says I look beautiful, and I look younger and happier. He’s happy with the work and happy for me. My husband even came in and had work done and he’s thrilled with his work too!” ‑ Sharon

Actual patient Jim


Actual patient James


Actual patient Pam


Actual patient Marty


Actual patient Lloyd


Actual patient Nick


Actual patient Daryl


Actual patient Betty


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“My wife says she has the old me back.” ‑ Charlie

Actual patient Andrea


Actual patient Fred


Actual patient Betty


Actual patient Judy


Actual patient Bob


Actual patient Jim


Actual patient Pam


Actual patient Chari


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“I didn’t just ahve one or two implants, I had several. There was no pain, the experience was not scary. Every implant I had put in was a success. The implant experience was painless.” ‑ Betty

Actual patient Sandy


Actual patient Colton


Actual patient Sarah


Actual patient Sharon


Actual patient Janet


Actual patient Megan


Actual patient Charlie


Actual patient Joan


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“I used to wake up in the morning and not want to eat my breakfast because my jaw hurt. I didn’t realize that I was grinding my teeth and how it was ruining all of my teeth. I now feel amazing, beautiful, healthy, and relaxed. I’m smiling more and not covering up my mouth anymore.” ‑ Allyson

Actual patient Kathy


Actual patient Marlene


Actual patient Belinda


Actual patient Connie


Actual patient Sharron


Actual patient Barbara


Actual patient Dawn


Actual patient Norma


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“This was a great experience. The atmosphere is very calming and the staff make sure you are comfortable every visit. They are like family.” ‑ Jim

Actual patient Darla


Actual patient Sandra


Actual patient Robby


Actual patient Rachel


Actual patient Bob


Actual patient Dee


Actual patient Tonya


Actual patient Shane


Actual patient Arloa


Actual patient David


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Actual patient Randall


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