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How Long Do Zirconia Dental Crowns Last?

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Dental crowns are common dental procedures that help maintain the size, strength, and form of a natural tooth – regardless of what is going on underneath it. 

If you have been told you need a dental crown, you may have been offered different types, such as those that are metal-based and others that are porcelain. One of the newest options that are quickly becoming one of the best is zirconia dental crowns. 

Let’s take a closer look at this new kid on the block and see just how long you can expect a zirconia dental crown to last.

What is a Zirconia Dental Crown? 

There are many different reasons why patients need dental crowns. They are commonly used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry to transform smiles. Dental crowns can be used for: 

  • Repairing a broken or cracked tooth
  • Restoring integrity to a tooth that had a large cavity or root canal
  • Giving strength to a frail tooth
  • Attaching a dental bridge
  • For use with a dental implant

Dental crowns are made with different types of material. One of the most commonly used today is zirconia. Why? Because it looks like a real tooth and blends in well with your surrounding teeth. It is also incredibly strong. 

Zirconia is a type of ceramic that is more formally known as zirconium oxide. It is from the titanium family – and is potentially one of the strongest materials that can be used for dental crowns, aside from certain metals. 

They fit well and many patients have found a great level of success and satisfaction with zirconia crowns. 

How Long Do Zirconia Dental Crowns Last? 

On average, you can expect a zirconia dental crown to last about 10 to 15 years. Remember, these crowns are made with a very strong material that is less likely to crack or break than other options. 

However, while the zirconia crown may be doing a good job at covering and protecting your tooth, it doesn’t mean that it is invincible. Treat it well and it will last a long time. 

Extending the Life of Your Dental Crown

There are things that you can do to extend the life of your zirconia dental crown. After all, those that are treated with exceptional care can potentially last upwards of 20 years. 

So, what does this care involve? 

  • Good Oral Hygiene. Excellent oral hygiene is crucial. This means thoroughly brushing your teeth at least two times per day. Though brushing or rinsing after every meal is the most ideal. Flossing daily, too, is imperative to reduce build-up between and around teeth.
  • Routine Cleanings. Most importantly, visiting your dentist for routine cleanings every 6 months is also a very important step in your crown’s longevity. 
  • Avoid Hard Foods. Of course, always avoid consuming hard things as often as possible, such as ice, popcorn, hard candies, etc. as this can help to preserve the health of your dental crown – and all of your teeth, too. 

And, the better care you show your crown, the longer it will last for you. 

Dental Crowns at Integrated Dentistry

If you need a dental crown, the dental experts at Integrated Dentistry believe that zirconia dental crowns are a great option. If you are ready to restore your dental health, it is time to take the next step. 

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