What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening in Bentonville, AR?

What is the Cost of Teeth Whitening in Bentonville, AR?

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Are you wondering about the cost of teeth whitening near you? Let’s examine both the cost and the benefits that professional dental whitening can provide.

Why Do Teeth Get Stained?

Stains can occur for any number of reasons, whether due to aging and the effects of time, certain medications, or the consumption of dark beverages or fruits, such as coffee or tea, blueberries, or red wine. The nicotine build up from smoking is a major factor, too; and mottled white spots can occur due to overuse of fluoride. 

But whatever the cause, the result doesn’t have to remain. In Bentonville, AR, our professional teeth whitening services can make your smile everything you want it to be quickly, while achieving long-lasting results.

Whether you prefer in-office or at-home whitening, we offer both options, to help your teeth look whiter and brighter. Don’t let discolored or stained teeth limit your smile. Let it shine with easy and highly effective teeth whitening from your dental team. 

Cost of Teeth Whitening Services

Professional teeth whitening costs vary, and are affected by the type of whitening that you choose, whether you select in-office treatment or at-home. While there are a wide range of over-the-counter whitening treatments available inexpensively, professional teeth whitening is not only the best for the health of your teeth, it’s also the most effective type of whitening. 

Typically, professional teeth whitening costs vary between $150 and $600. While not usually covered by your insurance, treatment is easy, effective, safe, and can last three years or more with good routine dental care. 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Our Bentonville Office

For the brightest results in the shortest time, choosing to whiten your teeth in our office is a simple solution that offers immediate results. A single visit can make your teeth sparkle as much as 8 shades brighter and whiter. 

Your treatment will start with a rubber shield or protective gel placed on your gum and all surrounding tissue to protect this sensitive area from any irritation. Then, we simply put carbide peroxide, a safe and effective bleaching gel, on your teeth. A laser light will be used to activate the whitening process. 

Professional Whitening At-Home 

Whether your stains are minor or you just prefer to more gradually whiten your teeth yourself at home, we’ll make impressions of your teeth at our office, and shape a set of custom whitening trays for you to use in your home. You’ll also receive professional carbine peroxide gel to bleach your teeth, and we will explain how to use it and how long it will take to get the bright look you want.

At-home kits are also a great idea between in-office whitening visits, to maintain your smile. 

Are You Ready to Learn More About the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

If it’s time to brighten your smile, we’re ready to assist you. Whether you would like to learn more about our whitening services or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, we can help you get your best smile. Contact us, today.